Pupils participate in mostly local competitions.
Certain sections may attend regional competitions in Ballarat or Bendigo.

There is a minimum requirement of 8 pupils per team and competitions run from July to October.

Generally the competitions the sections attend are:
Tinies 3
Sub Juniors 4/5
Juniors 5
Intermediates 4/5
Seniors 5
Masters 3

All pupils are expected to attend all classes from February to November. The coach should be notified of any illness which would prevent their attendance at class or at competitions as early as possible.

Competition attendance

All pupils 16 years and under must have a responsible adult present during all competitions & the annual concert.
Coaches have more than one pupil to look after and will not be able to leave the rest of the team or the venue to take your child for treatment if they are ill or injure themselves.
You may organise in advance off competition dates for another parent to look after your child but please remember that only a parent (guardian) is able to give permission for your child to receive medical treatment if required.

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