Please don’t purchase any of the following items if you are unsure. Rod and club hire are part of your term fees.

Each pupil will need for class:
– leotard (any colour except Seniors which must be black)
– footless leggings (optional except Seniors which must be black or skin tone)
– Rod
– Clubs (not tinies)
– Aesthetic skirt (not tinies)


These items must be brought to each class. Hair must be tied back at all times and socks must not be worn for safety reason.




Each pupil for competitions will need:
– Club tracksuit polo and jacket (compulsory)
– Skin tone underwear/body stocking
– Competition make up (usually base only, club provides rest)
– False eyelashes (only older sections)
– Hair net, hair pins, hairspray/gel etc
– Skin tone footless tights (can be purchased through club) or leg tan (choice of leg tan or tights at coaches discretion)
– Safety pins
– ALL costumes and equipment (clubs, rods etc)
– Hair done in competition style prior to arrival
– Small sewing kit in case of emergency

Please note: NO jewellery or nail polish is to be worn to competitions